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Club Information Update Submission Form

Club updates are welcome for clubs in the U.S. and Canada. Please holler if you think I should be adding others. Please note that there is a "Test" button below as well as a "Send" button. Please enter your data in the form then "Test" it first. A test page for the listing as constructed will appear. Test all the links/buttons it shows to be sure they work correctly. When everything is working correctly then click the "Send" button to have the system e-mail me the new data (and generated HTML code). I will try to post the update as soon as possible IF I find it acceptable. Acceptability may, in part, be determined by e-mailing and/or calling both my current contact and the new contact.


This club is:3        

1 Comma separate. For Canada enter the Canadian Province or Territory.
2 Comma separate. Enter 1 city for each state or province in their same order.
3 For either 'DEAD' option please provide your contact info in the proper box.
4 E-mail addresses will be hidden from spambots harvesting e-mail addresses.
5 IRS designation if applicable. YesNE = Yes, Non-Exempt. I will adjust as I see fit.
6 Will be sent to above address. If different, e-mail: E-mail address image, click to e-mail or type in your e-mail program's 'To:' field.

Entry of information into the above form is fairly loose. You can, for example, omit all but one means of contact from the record for "Alive and Well" clubs or omit all but yours for 'DEAD' clubs (I have to have someone to confirm things with). You could also enter "National" for the "State" and leave the "City" blank. If you enter more than one state separate the states with commas then be sure there are the same number of commas in the city list even if you want a city left blank. Regardless of how relaxed the entry here is the updated information will still go through a human review process before it is posted to the Clubs page. You should also be aware that while you can enter HTML above it will simply show up as exactly what you enter, it will not be processed as HTML when it is placed in the Clubs page. And if you do believe you need something totally different then send an e-mail.

Yes, a future project is to add "up" buttons on the Clubs page. These would bring one listing block of information (at least) into this form for easier updating. Meanwhile you can open two browser windows so you can cut and paste.

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