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This site was first conceived because I kept needing to repeatedly go to various web sites to accomplish invention and inventor related activities. And it was always a nuisance in spite of having many "favorites" linked in various categorized sub-folders. I also found that my ISP's standard access site always, even with a cable modem, seemed to take forever (30 and often more seconds) to load. I figured that if I had the problem then other's might also.

At first I just put up a page on one of my other web sites that gave me fairly quick access to a subset of sites I needed, particularly specific USPTO pages. But that wasn't enough and to go beyond that would take the pages necessary well beyond the character appropriate for the web site. Of course, I could have always just put hidden pages for my own use on the web site but that wasn't a particularly appealing solution.

Also I repeatedly discovered that many existing web sites "for" inventors are VERY MUCH geared to either taking money directly from inventors or taking money from people who make a nickel or two taking money from inventors. Not that that is necessarily bad, I do it myself, but in general those web sites ARE NOT looking out for the best interests of the naive novice wannabe independent inventor. The major lack of novice inventors is not brains, it's knowledge, including a lack of the fundamental knowledge needed to sort out what a good business deal is versus a bad business deal.

When one enters the world of inventing and seeks to profit from it one instantly leaves the realm of standard retail sales behind. The model of "this is the product on the shelf with a price sticker on it, take it or leave it" IS NOT appropriate for many business dealings. Unfortunately the scam artists that prey on inventor wannabes know that the wannabes are generally completely lost outside the "retail" scenario so they dress up their "deals" (AKA "opportunities") in "take it or leave it" packages that the novice at least thinks they understand.

What the novice doesn't understand is that the package only includes a vague "try" effort, not a concrete result and that there are FAR BETTER business providers for the "try" effort. Unfortunately to get that effort from regular business providers requires that the inventor understand what the providers provide, what the inventor needs accomplished, and how to negotiate for a deal that works for both. Few inventors have the knowledge, from education or experience, that's necessary for that. While a web site cannot give you the experience, it can start to give you the education.

Thus there are two purposes for this web site: 1) is to provide easy access to commonly needed sites of use to inventors, and 2) to provide some education. The latter, of course (and alas, often unfortunately) depends entirely on YOUR cooperation. You have to both want to learn and be willing to learn. I neither have the time nor the patience to politely spoon feed you.

I already know from several years of working with wannabe inventors that the vast majority (perhaps 90%) of wannabe inventors will find a ready excuse to reject any facts or suggestions that don't fit their preconceived misunderstandings. I have also found that there is a small percent of wannabes (maybe only some 5% from that 90%) that, when emphatically enough confronted, will reevaluate their misconceptions--the rest will take maybe 5 years to learn their errors the hard way and most of those will drop out of inventing.

Of course if you're among the 10% that is eager and willing to learn you don't need beat over the head. I suspect regardless of the "attitude" the information is presented with on this site you'll "get it." You may even find my inventor foible skewering, wry twists of phrase laugh-out-loud funny from time to time as many have reported---usually folks that also have experience working with many traditional paranoid "know it all" smarter-than-everybody (often financially broke and down and out) wannabe inventors. You'll meet them yourself often enough if you don't already, the kind that just won't, and never will, "get it" and have no chance (except pure luck) at success either.

So there you have it. The question is, what will you do with it? That is always the question. When people reject your invention--and tell you why. When people tell you your concept is a mere fantasy--and back it up with facts. When the costs to proceed are higher than you can pay. What will you do with it. To butcher an old saying, "it's not the cards that life deals you that matter, it's what you do with them." (Hint: as in poker, often DISCARDING cards is appropriate--and neither what you discard or keep guarantees any future result.)