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Web Searching

I generally use Google $  for searches. It has a lot of power as long as you are willing to study how to use it (hint: Basics $ ). See particularly their Google Advanced Search $  page and, please, look at the Advanced Search Tips $  page. Don't forget their Special Operators $  or special search types $  either. The major flaw they have (and I don't know if any of the other web search engines do this either) is that you cannot do simultaneous "AND" searches on more than one quoted phrase. Such a capability would make it far easier to avoid thousands of useless "hits." Google also has many direct search capabilities for addresses, maps, etc. that few people use. And Google doesn't have <bleep>, <bleep> pop-up window ads like some other search sites do.

Another future project will be to get a limited-to-inventor-sites index that includes this site.

More later.

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