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Miscellaneous is miscellaneous, what else is there to say? Of course if several "miscellaneous" links turn out to be quite related in content then the menu structure of this site is likely to be changed to reflect that and what was once "miscellaneous" may end up under a different main menu choice and even the main menu bar choices may change.

US Post Office Mainly this link is here because I frequently need to check addresses for correctness and to order Post Office mailing supplies.

SCAMS! In general wannabe inventors behave like the idiots and kooks everybody expects them to be so they are easy pickin's for the scam artists who take advantage of their ignorance and naivete. Hopefully the material at the other end of this link will help wise you up.

Scam Come-ons Common come-ons that sound plausable to (naive) beginning inventors but that really are either outright lies or simply hooks to gain the trust---and money---of you and other inventors to the tune of some $1.5-2 billion a year.

Clubs All Clubs are not created equal--in fact some aren't clubs at all, they are fronts for people eager to part you from your money!

NDAs Non-Disclosure Agreements are one essential tool in the invention development process.

Menu Map The main menu structure of this site laid out in one easy to see place.