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Suggestions Welcome

Suggestions are welcome for adding to these pages. For those who do more than suggest, such as provide a complete and useful page or even a substantial part of a page, I'll even be delighted to give you credit for the work. I will want (or force) any pages to be in the "style" of the web site though. And, of course, suggestions that I deem NOT to be in the best interests of novice inventors will NOT be included in this web site. This will include rejecting links to not only scam artists sites but to those sites where I question the motives, and the true helpfulness, of the site creator. (Hey, they can refuse to link to me too and my apologies in advance to anyone whose feelings I hurt----------but, something you should be aware of, scammers may very well link to trustworthy legitimate sites, or even warn you LOUDLY about "scams," KNOWING that will fool an unfortunately high percent of naive wannabe inventors into dropping their money into the hands of the scammers.)

To submit suggestions you can click the following e-mail link (or type the text into the "To:" box of your e-mail program. (To reduce spam the link is an image rather than copyable text, sorry for any inconvenience this spammer thwarting mechanism causes you.)

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Or, for the more old fashioned among you <grin>, you can even visit the Contact Us page and use the telephone number or address there to submit suggestions.