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FREE Club Pages -- Rules

If your club would like a free page or set of pages on this site these are the rules. In general your pages will only get one link into them from this site's club list and it will be your responsibility to provide links between pages. Strictly HTML pages are preferred with you only providing the material that goes within the "Your content" begin and end comments of the provided templates. Pages that interfere with tables or other code tags above or below the begin and end comments will either be returned for correction or be fixed in any way I deem fit. All content you provide will be embedded in ASP pages and if you wish you can use SSI and similar type links for material you supply that is common to several of your pages. If you wish you can start from the source HTML of the No Menu Template page.

A right side HTML menu and text embedded links are strongly suggested if you have multiple pages. A menu scheme following the example at the upper right of this page is recommended. Use the Right Menu Template source HTML code to create yours. And, with a little luck and a few hours of development I hope to get a page up that will take your specifically formatted menu text and process it into the right side menu HTML (and/or future script code). Such a page will contain all necessary instructions for keeping your effort simple and easy-to-regenerate as you change your club's pages. (That's the theory anyway. :-)

Java and other scripting code are strongly discouraged and any that I find offensive in any way, such as just a nuisance for me to deal with, will simply NOT be used. Copy the source from No Menu Template or Right Menu Template as appropriate to your HTML editor to develop your page and see it within it's full context except (depending on your browser's source viewer) for the hovering menu bar and the hidden, non-Javascript, top menu. (If you use an editor, like the one I use, for a .ASP text file you may not see the top part of the page with the question marks, bold InventorHome, and logo either but rest assured it is there.)

Page content must be pertinent to the inventing/inventor community and is limited to whatever size I say it is whenever I choose to say so. I think I'll be reasonable if you are. Also all pages will be allowed to be spider indexed right along with the rest of the site.

Your club or whoever will retain all copyright rights to the material you supply and you may include your own copyright notice(s) within any or all of your pages. By submitting a page you are certifying that you have proper copyright permission for everything on your page(s) and that you will completely indemnify me in the event of a dispute to the contrary and further that I may include my own copyright notice at the bottom of the page. My copyright notice will in no way give me permission to copy any element you provide for your page(s) and I will in no way copy any element in your page(s) other than as essential for the proper presentation of your page(s).

I wholly reserve the right to make up and enforce other rules as we go along and you and your club agree to accept those, and these, rules. You are, of course, always free to have your ONE point of contact have me remove your pages. Should you move your pages to another site you are NOT entitled to the InventorHome look or logo or any code or anything else pertaining thereto. Should you move your site my club page may be updated to link to your new site and such link will not be removed except at my sole discretion unless I am ordered to do so by a court with appropriate jurisdiction (seems pretty far fetched and unlikely to me and not in your best interests to boot unless, of course, you're trying to hide an "owned and operated" club from an unfavorable annotation).

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